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Two Very Spoiled House Rabbits

Gus and Pepper

Meet Gus and Pepper, the inspiration behind The Rabbit Ate My ... middle grade series:

Gus is a nine-year-old, New Zealand cross house rabbit. He lives free in the house with his seven-year-old bonded Mini Lop friend, Pepper, just like a cat or dog. Gus and Pepper have a large cage with food dishes, toys, and a litter box, but they only stay in there at night or if the family goes out. Some house rabbits don't even have a cage!

Gus and Pepper eat grass, hay, rabbit pellets, and salad greens. Their favourite treats are sliced banana, cilantro, dandelion leaves, Cheerios, and tortilla chips. And the occasional fruit gummy.

When they aren't snuggling on their mat, lounging in front of the fireplace, or napping under the kitchen table, Gus and Pepper like spending time in the back yard (where they keep the lawn well trimmed), playing with bunny appropriate toys such as toilet paper rolls and their Egg-cerizer, and running really fast and then jumping into the air, twisting their bodies, and shaking their heads in move called a 'binky.' Gus also enjoys walks on his leash and going camping. Pepper prefers to stay safe at home.



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